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Boil water alert around Stone and Pennsylvania in DeLand

On Saturday a car driving north on Stone ran off the road taking out the fire hydrant at the corner of Stone and Pennsylvania before plowing through one of my neighbor’s fences and into their backyard tree.  According to the neighbor the driver and passenger were not seriously hurt.

There are now boil water alert signs posted throughout the neighborhood.  You can also see the sidewalk collapsed and the huge hole created from the fire hydrant flooding the street.

DeLand condo for sale in Villa Villar for under $40,000!

Becky Singleton and Shari Lawrence would like to invite you to view this condo located in the Villa Villar DeLand condo community. This condo is being offered at a price below $40,000. The condo has been remodeled and includes:

  • Cherry wood cabinets
  • Quartz counter tops
  • Hurricane shutters
  • Updated A/C

This unit is wheel chair accessible. This ground floor condo is being sold in a package that includes appliances. Call Becky or Shari to schedule an appointment to view. 386-801-3688
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Bill Dreggors Park in DeLand is a great place to play and exercise.

You can drive by Bill Dreggors Park morning, noon or night and you will witness people walking and running on the concrete walking path that circles the park.

I have spent many an evening walking around this park and calculate the distance  to be ½ mile +/-.

It is a great way for area residents to exercise without having to join a local gym.

The Park is named after a local historian and is located just north of New York at the corner of Stone and Wisconsin Streets.

The park offers many other features for young and old including a butterfly park, shelter houses and a childrens playground area.

There are also several Park and Recreational buildings at the Park.  It is at one of these buildings where local residents go to cast their votes during election season.

The Bill Dreggors Park is just one of many reasons why those who live in DeLand, love and treasure it so.

Low mortgage rates could be good news for DeLand home buyers.

Freddie Mac has announced  mortgage rates hitting under 5% this past week.   Low mortgage rates could be good news for DeLand home buyers when coupled with low home prices created by short sale and bank owned inventory currently for sale.

With nearly 700 homes for sale in and around DeLand, home buyers should have no trouble finding the right home and the best price.

Give me a call to discuss a mortgage program suitable for you and to schedule a time to view available homes in the DeLand area.

Over 60 foreclosures for sale in DeLand

As 2010 begins there are over 60 foreclosures for sale as of this post in DeLand.  These homes have been foreclosed on and are now bank owned also referred to as REO properties.  They range in price from a low of just under $30,000 to a high of over $500,000!


Scattered throughout DeLand these homes offer a great opportunity for investors and home buyers simply looking for a good home at a good price.  Last year 150 homes that were foreclosed on sold in DeLand.  These types of listings will often receive multiple offers and include bank addendum that you need to be aware of.  Call me to not only receive a list of available homes but to also schedule a time to view the ones that you are interested in.

Are short sales a solution for DeLand homeowners?

Short sales are being used throughout the country by home owners who are faced with a distressed situation where they are unable to afford their home and because they owe more on their mortgage than the home is worth they are unable to sell the home for enough to pay off the mortgage along with the additional costs involved with selling a home.


What should a DeLand homeowner consider before short selling their home?


  • If you would stay in the home if the payments were affordable, contact your lender about a loan modification.
  • According to FICO, short selling your home impacts your credit score similar to a foreclosure however a foreclosure increases the time you will have to wait before obtaining a mortgage on another home.


If you are facing a tough situation and would like to talk about the short sale process give me a call. I can refer a top short sale real estate professional to you that will explain the process so that you are able to make an informed decision.

When is the 2009 Volusia County Fair?

This year I plan on attending the Volusia County Fair.  The fairgrounds is in DeLand just east of the city.  I checked on the dates for the fair this year and discovered the fair will be held on November 5th -15th.


Being from midwest attending the county fair was an every year event.  Cotton candy, games, pinapple whip ice cream and harness racing were a big part of the fair I attended in my home town.  I am looking for re-starting the tradition of attending a county fair. 


Here is the Volusia County Fair website.

DeLand investment or fixer upper home for sale

DeLand HUD home
DeLand HUD home

DeLand investment or fixer upper home for sale 


Here is a great opportunity to purchase this DeLand HUD home.  This 3 bedroom 2 bath home is priced at $40,000.  If you would like to make a bid or receive more information about buying a HUD or other homes in the DeLand area, contact me or give me a call.


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