30 new homes to choose from in Deland

As of this post there are 30 new homes in Deland to purchase in the MLS.  These homes built in 2008 offer a great opportunity to own a brand new Deland home.  The new Deland homes are located in communities that include:

  • Daytona Park Estates
  • Riverside Est
  • Glenwood Reserve
  • Fern Garden Est
  • Country Club
  • Victoria Park

To receive a free list, pictures and additional details of these homes, email or call me at 407-304-0255

How long will it take to sell my Deland home?

I have calculated the average days on the market for a home in Deland during the month of August to be approximately 139 days.

A Deland home seller could realistic expect their home to stay on the market nearly 5 months before receiving an offer.

There are ways we can help you shorten the time your home sets on the market.  Email me to find out what price your home will sell for and how long it will take.

The Cascades – Deland neighborhood real estate report



The Deland neighborhood, Cascades is located on the NW side of Deland off of 15A.

Currently there are 10 homes listed for sale in The Cascades priced between $168-$285K.  The size of the homes range from 1300 to just over 3000 square feet.

There have been 2 homes that have sold this year in The Cascades, one for $150,000 and the second home for $190,000.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home in The Cascades, give me a call for an updated market report.

Florida Hospital Deland promises to enhance the patient experience

I received a $10 gift certificate today along with a letter from 
Florida Hospital Deland.  The letter explained that as of September 
2007, Florida Hospital began working on the goal of making sure all 
walk-in emergency room patients will see a doctor in less than 60-minutes upon of arrival.

The gift certificate, which is redeemable at any Main Street Deland 
merchant, was sent to me because of the Hospital not being able to 
fulfill their “see a doc in less than 60-minutes” promise from a recent 

Kudos to the Hospital for working to improve their customer service.   
How great would it be if this type of attitude was common place 
through-out the customer service business world.

Do we take our customers for granted, comfortable in the belief that 
we are doing all our customers expect us to do and since they continue 
to come back to us, we have no reason to improve?  I am hard pressed 
to think of another customer service business that has more of a 
captive “customer” that a hospital’s emergency room.  And yet, there 
they are trying to make the experience, less stressful.

Hats off to Florida Hospitals and thank you for the gift certificate.

Deland new home sales

Thus far in 2008, according to MLS statistics, 12 Deland homes built in 2008 have sold.  Sold prices ranged from $137,990 – $440,000.  Home builders who have sold a home this year include:

  • Holiday Builders
  • Gallery Homes of Deland
  • Taylor Morrison
  • Weekley Homes

New home sales are down from the 27 homes reported as selling during the same time period in 2007.

If you are interested in purchasing a new home in Deland and would like to have a free list of available properties, email or call me at 407-304-0255

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Victoria Park real estate, Deland Florida

Deland real estate

Victoria Park real estate, Deland Florida

What is for sale and what is selling in Victoria Park?  The following information is current as of September 7.  To receive an update or current statistic, email or call me.

Victoria Park real estate market report

  • 87 homes currently for sale priced between $144,000-$849,000
  • 36 homes have sold in 2008 priced between $145,000-$530,000

Contact me to receive a detailed market report as it relates to your home in Victoria Park or if you are considering purchasing a home in Victoria Park.   This report will include:

  • Average days on the market
  • List price to sales price ratio
  • Cost per square foot
  • Incentives to sell/purchase

Victoria Park real estate information is available without obligation or cost.

Deland real estate

If you are looking to purchase a home that offers features and amenities that you desire, a home that offers a location that offers a home town flavor and yet is close to all the major attraction areas then you really need to look at Deland.

Deland offers a wide variety of homes for sale with over 800 homes to choose from as of September, 2008.

  • 33 homes built in 2008
  • 64 homes in a golf community
  • 25 homes in a gated community
  • 144 homes on at least an acre or more

There is a wide inventory of homes.  I can help you find a home in your price range in Deland.