Are there short sales available in Deland?

The term short sale as it relates to real estate refers to a contingency of selling a home subject to the seller’s lender agreeing to take less payoff of the mortgage than is owned.

The housing challenges we face today have created a need for home owners who need to sell to negotiate with their lender for this discounted relief.

For those interested in purchasing a home that is subject to a short sale or if you are a Deland home owner that would like more information, call or email me.

Deland has over 100 realty companies to choose from

MLS search shows that there are over 100 real estate companies listed in the Multiple Listing Service.  Choosing a Deland real estate agent when you have so many choices can be daunting.

You can increase your chances of successfully buying or selling a Deland home by carefully interviewing the Deland Realty Company or agent prior to working with them.

Questions you may wish to ask an agent you are considering:

  • How long have you been in the real estate profession?
  • Are you full time?
  • Are you a small company or part of a large real estate network?
  • Do you have mortgage, title and other professional services available?
  • Do you have an active website or blog besides your company site?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask before selecting an agent to assist you.  email or call me at 407-304-0255 to hear my responses and to find out what else you should know before selecting an agent.

Can the $7500 tax credit help me sell my Deland home?

Yes it can.  What Deland home sellers need right now is ready, willing and able buyers.  Deland home owners that really want to sell have their homes priced correctly, have staged their home so it can be viewed in the best possible light and are willing to negotiate fairly with interested buyers.

All they need are buyers.  Enter the advantages of the $7500 first time home buyer tax credit.  A new buyer may see the tax credit as the one thing that helps them commit to purchasing a home.  The more new buyers that the tax credit brings into the market the more Deland homes that will be sold.

The tax credit can be a win/win for both Deland home buyers and home sellers.

Email meif you would like to discuss your specific situation as it related to buying or selling a Deland home.

30 new homes to choose from in Deland

As of this post there are 30 new homes in Deland to purchase in the MLS.  These homes built in 2008 offer a great opportunity to own a brand new Deland home.  The new Deland homes are located in communities that include:

  • Daytona Park Estates
  • Riverside Est
  • Glenwood Reserve
  • Fern Garden Est
  • Country Club
  • Victoria Park

To receive a free list, pictures and additional details of these homes, email or call me at 407-304-0255