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DeLand homeowners may be interested in the guaranteed sales program

Guaranteed Sales Program

Watson Realty’s new guaranteed sales program can be a great solution for DeLand  homeowners going through lifestyle changes.

Homeowners may be interested in the program if they need to sell for but not limited to the following reasons:

  • engagement
  • marriage
  • new baby
  • divorce
  • passing of a loved one
  • job promotion

Call Ellen or me to find out if the guaranteed sales program is right for you.

Can I buy a home without selling my home first?

Can I buy a home without selling my home first?

Can I buy a home without selling my home first? Yes, it may be possible to buy a home without selling your home first.

Each individuals financial situation is different. We can put you in contact with a mortgage consultant who will be able to offer you an informed opinion after reviewing your personal information prior to you making an offer on another home without a contingency dealing with the selling of your current home.

In the current market, many home owners are reluctant to start looking for homes to buy until their current home sells. Their reluctance could be due to several factors.

  • They may not wish to get their hopes up should they find the perfect home but are uncertain about when their current home will receive an offer.
  • They may feel their home, at the listed price, will not be selling anytime soon.
  • Or they may simply not understand that they can make an offer that is contingent upon the selling and closing of their current home.

Those sellers who have their home priced correctly should expect to receive an offer within their listing contract period. That being the case, it may be in the seller’s best interest to start looking for a home and negotiating with the owner of the home to arrive at an acceptable offer contingent upon the selling of their home. This could be handled with a first right of refusal contingency clause.

First right refusal contingencies are clauses that most real estate professionals should be familiar with and prepared to use especially in this challenging market. With a first right in place the buyer can now assume their role as a seller and take the steps needed to receive an acceptable offer on their home.

Low interest rates and low inventory are reasons to understand how to make an offer on a home even though your home has not sold.

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Are short sales a solution for DeLand homeowners?

Short sales are being used throughout the country by home owners who are faced with a distressed situation where they are unable to afford their home and because they owe more on their mortgage than the home is worth they are unable to sell the home for enough to pay off the mortgage along with the additional costs involved with selling a home.


What should a DeLand homeowner consider before short selling their home?


  • If you would stay in the home if the payments were affordable, contact your lender about a loan modification.
  • According to FICO, short selling your home impacts your credit score similar to a foreclosure however a foreclosure increases the time you will have to wait before obtaining a mortgage on another home.


If you are facing a tough situation and would like to talk about the short sale process give me a call. I can refer a top short sale real estate professional to you that will explain the process so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Short sale may be the best option for DeLand homeowners with no equity

DeLand homeowners who need to sell their home and are upside down on their mortgage may want to consider a short sale.  If you are facing a tough situation and would like to learn more about the short sale process contact me.  Watson Realty agents have the experience and know how to help homeowners successfully close a short sale transaction.